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Museum of Somerset

Welcome to Storywalks at the Museum of Somerset in Taunton, and narratives through the galleries. All these Storywalks will work in your phone or tablet in the Taunton Museum. Just choose a title and follow the instructions.

Ancestors TrailSprites at the Museum PinkSprites at the Museum CamoSprites at the Museum RubySprites at the Museum ScarletSprites at the Museum SkyeThe Giant's Daughter 4 PinkThe Giant's Daughter 4 CamoThe Giant's Daughter 4 RubyThe Giant's Daughter 4 ScarletThe Giant's Daughter 4 SkyeThe Giant's Daughter Big RedMoonlight Lifter 4 to 6 PinkMoonlight Lifter 4 to 6 CamoMoonlight Lifter 4 to 6 RubyMoonlight Lifter 4 to 6 ScarletMoonlight Lifter 4 to 6 SkyeThe Way of the Lamprey 4 to 6Moonlight Lifter by Parkfield School SkyeMoonlight Lifter by Parkfield School CamoMoonlight Lifter by Parkfield School Pink
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